ON DURATION: April 4-8 at Haverford College


2022 Mellon Symposium
April 4-8
Haverford College

One footstep. A tug of hair. Chains Rattling. Smoke. Water Body. A body of water.

At this critical moment of rediscovering the “live” ON DURATION brings together six durational performance artists for a week of creative research and public praxis. Find the full schedule of events here.

Investigating process and the caesural possibilities opened by not knowing what will happen in advance of the event – the artists will time travel, bend time, critically waste time, forget time, suspend time, find time, make and unmake time.

The public is invited to witness the participants in process as they work collectively and individually throughout the symposium to explore different relationships to duration, live performance, site, environment, and the body — converging around tempos and rhythms, tidal times, questions about proximity, points of contact, and ways of responding and relating across multiple temporalities and embodied knowledges.

Curated by durational performance artist and scholar Raegan Truax, ON DURATION stalls between corporeal senses of time, environmental times, and the ways bodies perform time in everyday life. Placing value on performance as an evolving axis of political, aesthetic, and creative possibility, the symposium stages the precise skill sets of variegated durational practitioners in order to investigate how rearranging relationships to time, space, and body can unmake oppressive systems and structures. 

Sponsored by the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities and the Distinguished Visitors Program, Haverford College.

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