Hanna Holborn Gray Research Presentations

HHG student researchers will be presenting their research projects from this summer on Monday, September 27th at 4pm in Old Library 224 at Bryn Mawr. The presentations will be in person but we will also have an online component in case you would like to join remotely. Please register in advance.

Hanna Holborn Gray Undergraduate Research Fellowship 

Summer 2021 Presentation Program

Monday September 27, 2021


Introduction and Appreciations

* * *

From Heaven and Earth: Cosmologies, Mythologies and the Sky

Emily Aguilar ’22                 Classical Languages

The Womb as Intermediary in Late Antique Platonic Cosmogony

Daniel R. D’Elia ’22                                                 Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology 

Earth, Sky, and Power: How Astronomy Reveals the Influences Molding al-Andalus’ Historical Trajectory

Mackenzie Tygh ’22        Interdisciplinary Physics Searching for a Dialogue Between Science and the Humanities: Towards a Visualization of the Divine Comedy

* * *

The Importance of Language

Hannah Appelhans ’22                 Latin and German 

Horace’s Ode 2.6 through German and English Eyes: Hölderlin and Conington 

Gemma Van Nice ’22            Linguistics and German

Testing theories of slurs

Esther (Ye Ram) Kim ’22 Comparative Literature, French, and Political Science

Reclaiming True Multilingualism in the Maghreb: The Production and Development of Written Amazigh Literature 

* * *


Light Refreshments in Cloisters

* * *

* * *

Impacts on Self and Identity

Anna Hsu ’22                                                Philosophy

Recovering the Authentic Self – Examining Depression and Treatment in Relation to Autonomy

Maya Schneider ’22               Anthropology

Expanding Networks & Creating Space: LGBTQ+ Identifying Young Adults’ Experiences with Identity Development Amidst a Pandemic

Shreya Singh ’22                    Growth and Structure of Cities and Fine Arts

Accessibility to living and social spaces in UAE for migrant workers

* * *

Rethinking People in Spaces and the Environment

Cate Farrell ’22                   Growth and Structure of Cities

Conversations About Race: How the Built Environment can Serve as a Catalyst for Critical Thinking

Shreya Bhutani ’22                   Growth and Structure of Cities 

Deconstructing De-facto Segregation in Suburban School Systems

George Doehne ’22                   Growth and Structure of Cities

Burning Questions: A Reconceptualization of Fire and Land in California and Abroad

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