Creating Classics: Spring 21 Exhibition

In the middle of a global pandemic, the students in Creating Classics gathered every Tuesday evening (7-10pm EST!) to discuss Greek tragedies and the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini. We watched movies, read and reenacted dramas, looked at ancient and modern paintings, and talked about the past as science-fiction, the liquidity of antiquity, the perils of universalism, and the ancient archaeology of modern cinema. 

The course was co-taught between Classics and Italian, and cross-listed with Film, Africana, Gender & Sexuality, Visual Studies, Comparative Literature, and Theater, with the additional support of the team at Haverford VCAM. 

The culmination of our work is on display through our Spring 21 Virtual Exhibition. Here, you’ll find each team member’s artifact, a reflection of their conceptual and technical take on reception, classicism, and spectacle. 

As you make your way through the exhibit– the poetics and aesthetics of which were conceptualized by the students— we invite you to click on the animated thumbnails to see, hear, and/or read each member’s work as well as the artist’s statement. On display are also selections from their creative portfolios, “translation” experiments which were made weekly throughout the semester. And don’t forget to end your trip with the “silly (and shady) version” of the exhibition! 

Congrats to the students in Creating Classics on all their hard work and the launch of this wonderful exhibit! 

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