Equity Plan Updated: June 2021

You can find our updated departmental equity plan here! As always, we appreciate your feedback; you are welcome to contact any of the faculty directly, or to write to us through our anonymous comment box.

Equity Plan Updated

As part of our ongoing work to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion in our department, we have published an update to the equity plan we initially shared over the summer. You can find the updated plan here! As always, we […]

Welcome to classics.sites!

Welcome to Haverford’s classics.sites. Here we plan to feature student and faculty work and experiences in the department, as well as provide timely updates about our program! Our department website still includes program requirements, faculty bios, and more.

Fellini’s Satyricon 1969 Summary by Junior Nguyen

Today on February 27th, I attended a screening of Fellini’s Satyricon (1969). The movie was in Italian, and though I never studied Italian, Latin was able to provide me some translation of the screening with similarities between both languages (e.g. […]

Goodnight Moon – Latin Translation by Sophie Frem

Bonam Noctem, Luna In magnō prasinō conclāuī telephonum erat Et rubra vesica Et pictura bovis super lūnam salientis Et trēs paruī ursi sedēntēs in sellīs Et duo paruī catulī felinī Et binae chirothēcae Et parva aedēs ludibrica Et iuvenis mūsculus Et […]